Easy Allergy Friendly Lunch Box Ideas

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Living with food allergies can be stressful for many families. As a Health and Nutrition Coach and a Registered Nurse I will work with you to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to lead a happy, healthy and balanced life.

You will be supported on your journey to help you deal with the day to day challenges that come with raising a family and dealing with food allergies.

Do any of the following describe you?

✔ Your child has been diagnosed with food allergies?
✔ You are overwhelmed with the about of information that is out there in relation to food allergies?
✔ You struggle with meal planning and can rarely if ever have a “cheat meal”?
✔ You feel like you spend your entire time in the kitchen cooking meals from scratch because packet/convenience foods are a big “no no”?
✔ You spend a considerable amount of time at the supermarkets reading complex/lengthy food labels that usually contain a few ingredients your child is allergic to?
✔ You feel your child is missing out on “normal food” like bread, eggs, milk, ice-cream or chocolate and spend your time trying to find a substitute that they will like?
✔ Families and friends are not always supportive and are constantly questioning your food choices?
✔ You constantly worry for your child’s safety when you kiss them goodbye as they head off to care or school for the day?

If this sounds like you then let me help you on your family’s journey.

What Clients Say

  • Having spent some time with Sinead I can’t believe how much I have learnt about managing food allergies. She is so knowledgeable and had some great ideas and tips for me. Thank you. Alison

  • Highly recommend Sinead. I have never had a conversation with her where I haven't learned something practical and useful about Nutrition. Louise

  • Always full of great advice and recipe ideas.


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